Morons of the Week – Outraged 'Liberal' Americans

This is the last I will post on the topic.

The POTUS denigrated both immigrants and women in this country within the space of 40 seconds, and most Americans are more concerned over two words from a right-wing idiot that violated decorum. So concerned that they poured a million already into the election bid of the heckler’s opponent, Rob Miller, without even knowing what the candidate is all about.

That’s how rights are lost so easily in this country. People paying attention and giving weight to the wrong things to the point that they end up being on the losing end. What’s the underlying result? More taxpayer dollars spent on eligibility verification that excludes more people, not to mention higher health care insurance premiums because less people are eligible to pay into the system. Bravo.

Why Not an 'Include Everyone' Option?!

Congressperson Joe ‘You Lie’ Wilson was hard hit this week while the POTUS effectively got away with snubbing women and undocumented immigrants in his health care speech.

But even after his re-election opponent, Rob Miller, raised a million due to the outcry and an apology to President Obama, Wilson seems to have won. Today, Democrats Max Baucus and Kent Conrad delivered a more anti-immigrant bill health care bill on a silver platter with eligibility verification that threatens to exclude more than just undocumented immigrants.

John Aravosis at America Blog cannot fathom why Democrats are on the defensive and trying to appease right-wing extremists. He writes:

Why would anyone think that Wilson, or any of the extremists he represents, will support Baucus and Conrad’s plan, regardless of the changes? […]Wilson is holding firm. Perhaps Conrad and Baucus can delete women from the bill too, or gays, or blacks. That might finally get Wilson on board.

And Aravosis is right. Why is the Democrat party pandering to right-wing paranoia in the name of facts?

Cutting through the anti-immigrant noise on health care insurance reform, it really costs more to exclude than include. Lindsay Beyestein at In these Times writes that the more premium-paying members, the cheaper the insurance plan.

Bottom-line: It just makes economic sense to include everyone. Excluding anyone, much less undocumented immigrants, makes little moral or economic sense.

Stop throwing people under the bus. Demand a no-compromise single-payer health care bill that includes everyone.