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24 October 2011 ~ 4 Comments

Happy Diwali and Halloween

Sheth, who describes himself as religious, said he, and his mother, find peace with his sexual orientation in the context of Hinduism. He says the god Shiva embodies a balance of male and female energy, even if he is physically depicted as a male. “I found that the idea of a soul in Hinduism is […]

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05 October 2011 ~ 4 Comments

Anti-Immigrant Group Kicks Pregnant Women out of National Conference

At Progressives for Immigration Reform’s (PFIR) 2nd National Conference on Immigration, Conservation and the Environment, on October 4, four pregnant women were kicked out after they raised concerns about mothers being blamed for environmental degradation. During a talk by Californians for Population Stabilization’s Ben Zuckerman on the “impact of our growing population on our natural […]

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