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04 March 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Remember When People of Color Used To Speak for Themselves?

It’s alright. I don’t either. Only it isn’t alright. I’m tired of heterosexual, cisgender white men taking front and center stage on everything from reproductive rights to marriage equality to immigration reform. What makes them more qualified to talk about these issues than us? They actually sound pitiful. They are not a part of our […]

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24 September 2011 ~ 5 Comments

FOIA: Lets Make Up Dates!

I finally got my FOIA documents from the Department of Homeland Security, courtesy my brilliant lawyer. There’s nothing of interest or importance in the stack of 300-something pages besides this one page, where the officer puts down that I entered the country on May 12, 2010, with the right to remain till November 12, 2010: […]

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05 July 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Homosexuality Is A “Disease” and “Unnatural” – Indian Health Prime Minister

“The disease of men having sex with men is unnatural and not good for India. We are not able to identify where it is happening as it less reported also,” Azad said at the national convention of zila parishad chairpersons and mayors on HIV/AIDS. Azad is moron of the week for being the Health Minister […]

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09 June 2011 ~ 0 Comments

AILA Issues Warning For Immigrant Rights Activists

The American Immigration Lawyers Association issued a warning to immigrant rights activists asking them to behave at their upcoming annual conference in San Diego: There is no question that activism in the communities also is helping to move the ball forward.  Those who are so engaged have our respect, admiration and at times involvement. That […]

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11 April 2011 ~ 0 Comments

It’s Time to Learn to Drive

Dear Driver of CX3004, You are a lucky person. You rammed your car right into me when I had a green light, breaking my bike gears and throwing me off balance onto the oncoming traffic. I could have died. I was carrying no identification documents on me and I currently have no medical or life […]

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