Bah Hamburg in Washington D.C.

Those of you wondering about my prolonged absence from this blog don’t need to wonder anymore.

After my LSATS last week (which went really well and another post altogether), I pretty much needed some major downtime. However, I have been getting ready for a conference in D.C. this weekend and it is also my birthday so I will be chilling out some more.

I apologize to the readership! I promise stories, pictures and more goodies when I get back next week.

Thanks for everyone who donated to the Fiji Children’s Book fund. It means the world to me.

Attn: Activists – Tools for (WordPress) Bloggers

As I am updating the website and adding more features, I decided to list some handy plugins that you may want to use on your own blog. Most are wordpress specific but some do support other platforms. If anyone has anything else to add to the list, please do comment.

Platinum SEO pack


  • Broken Links – Tells you about broken links so you can go back to fix them.


Wall – Like facebook, WordPress now has a “wall” where friends and visitors can post comments and shoutouts. Get it!

Social Bookmarking

  • Auto Social Poster – Automatically bookmarks your posts to sites like delicious. One-time input of username/password needed.


WP-O-Matic – This one should be a premium plugin. You get to automatically “borrow” and make posts from feeds — No work on your part! I shall run an experiment on a test site with this one.

Auto-Tagger – Since we are moving away from categories towards tags or some of us use both (moi), this one should make tagging easier.


Still waiting on adsense to deliver? I have recently noticed some pocket $ sitting in my Paypal account. Turns out it is revenue from a Text-Links-Ad service that I had installed and forgotten about since it is not even bothersome. No minimum payouts and loose change on the side.


Argh, the past two days have been nightmarish. I had a massive virus/trojan attack on my relatively new PC yesterday and have been working on getting rid of the unwanted programs. It is completely draining. First, Windows wouldn’t load normally so I had to try fixing it in safe mode. That took most of my day as I installed new anti-spyware programs and McAfee started failing. I finally had to run HijackThis and other registry editors to find the problems.

Now I may be competent with computers but I am no expert. So while I got rid of all the viruses and trojans, I must have also done something to prevent major drivers from running. Now the programs were not starting from their shortcuts, regedit was not even available, the computer was telling me that rundll32.exe was not found, even though it was there. Seems like it was going through a major file associations problem.

Now I have loaded the original Vista CD to perform a system repair. There is no way I am about to reload Windows–that would be the easy way out and I have too much data on this computer to backup.

Pffft. I think I prefer butting heads with xenophobes and homophobes.

It's time to see a hand specialist

This is a rare rant that provides some insight into my life that I hardly share.

For 7 weeks now, I have struggled with a wrist injury that was taken all too lightly at first. And by that I mean, even with prominent swelling that spelled a broken bone or dislocation, it was deemed alright for me to just sleep on it through the night and see a doctor on my parent’s timetable. We hesitate to use our health insurance plan–I feel especially guilty when I am not contributing much to the household (not that I am to blame for that)!


My parents being your typical immigrant Indian folks, just don’t seem invested in anything to do with sickness or sports injuries–when I called my mother at night while almost passing out in pain, her first response had nothing to do with me or my injury but she instantly snapped that she had 3 more hours of work left and there is no way she could come all the way to where I was to take me to the hospital or even take me home (A week earlier I had sprained my ankle and walked home in pain for 45 minutes). She furthermore declared to my dad that if he went to help me he had to come back and help her. I don’t know anything about being a parent but something tells me that I wouldn’t behave like that with my kids or niece.

For the first 2 weeks, I rested it but I eventually started riding my bike, playing soccer and made a trip to Boston, which required me to lift some heavy luggage and use my hand a lot. 7 weeks on, my wrist has healed very slowly. I can at least use my toothbrush, comb or shampoo my hair, open the door and turn the key in a lock.

After removing the cast and subsequent bandages, I am left with a huge discoloration of my skin, a bruising in the shape of Africa on my wrist. And I cannot move my palm upwards so I cannot lift any weights and bicep curls are especially hard for me, a pain shoots up on the outside of my wrist. X-rays won’t do anything for me, neither would my general doctor besides a referral to a hand specialist that should have been given when the injury first occurred. I guess we don’t learn from our mistakes–I have a permanent bad ankle due to a sprain that wasn’t dealt with when I was a kid. And the same ignorance and lack of attention has continued well past my teenage years. It shouldn’t matter how much medical attention costs or how small we think an injury is — we should take all the precautions necessary to ensure full recovery. But obviously class mentality, socio-economic status and privilege gets in the way of that.

My health has always been compromised in my household due to other ‘more important’ things (Heck, forget my health, a lot of things in my life have been compromised, marginalized or closeted–to this day my parents treat my homosexuality like an invisibility no matter how many L word posters are on the walls or proudly displayed on the door). I don’t think I am going to forget snide remarks from my otherwise tolerant-acting mother whenever I said “I have a club meeting” (referring to a social justice group) and she replied “I hope it is not the gay club” … And I have had enough. I am taking my health insurance information and going to a hand specialist in SF no matter what it costs. I don’t need to be handicapped for life because my parents were too stingy with all aspects of my life.

More info about wrist injuries: