09 May 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Calling Youth – Karan Johar – Lead India Ad

I like this ad. And the one below, coaxing youth to join politics in order to make a difference. Voting is not the only way to make change in a democracy, especially not an election riddled with pathetic choices. But if we don’t like the choices, we must stand up and be counted. I work […]

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01 May 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Speaking Assignment – San Jose City College

And I just rambled on and on … Prerna Speaking at SJCC – Life Story from TakePart With Ideas for Change on Vimeo. I am tired of sharing this ‘life story’ no matter how intriguing it may seem. It’s better when I am given some direction such as ‘talk about the history of your activism […]

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14 April 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Moron of the Week – Tom Tancredo and His Nativist Thugs

Former Congressperson, Tom Tancredo, was not allowed to speak at a recent event in University of North Carolina hosted by the Youth for Western Civilization [Read: Youth Against Multiculturalism and Diversity]. Protestors shutdown the event through their non-violent chanting. Someone banged loudly on the window to make noise and broke it. And just for that, […]

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09 January 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Change.org Endorsements from this Queer Promigrant Blogger

I have sent in endorsements for the following ideas for change in America. The Top 10 get sent to President on Jan 16 — Please register and vote at Change.org I am actually quite excited about the new media activism and groups that have come forth and are using online tools to organize. When this […]

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05 January 2009 ~ 0 Comments

a glimpse into the life of an activist academic

“No, I just got back from URPE sessions at ASSA.” “What? What is that?” “An academic conference for political economists.” “Oh, I thought it was another DREAM(immigration)-related conference.” Welcome to my life. 24, gay, single, desi, new media blogger, civil rights activist, student organizer, aspiring lawyer, researcher, programmer, fiction writer, editor, graphic designer, fitness freak […]

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