Distinguished Accomplishment

This is what I call an embarrassing video, but it is brought to you by popular demand. It is a short clip of the academic awards ceremony from my law school graduation a few months ago, where I received a distinguished accomplishment award for civil rights and civil liberties, and my entire family screamed the roof down.

Awards are like confetti; liberation is the real goal.

La Raza Centro Legal


I am packing and moving and totally forgot about this piece of award I received a month ago. Thank you La Raza Centro Legal for the honor and for inviting me to a wonderful evening of food and drinks.

Check them out. They do wonderful work and as always, I’m not worthy of this.

One day, when I don’t need to think about how to afford law school and how to pay the bills, I may look back and embrace it all.

Video from the #SAALT Summit

This is a video of me from the South Asian Americans Leading Together Summit talking lightly about the history of the DREAM Act movement. No, it isn’t as boring as it sounds because I really do take this situation lightly on most days. It’s the best way to deal with it.

If you live in Maryland or Washington D.C., you should definitely consider volunteering with SAALT.

Seriously, consider it a favor for me.

Congratulations to the Santuary – Promigrant.org

It may be a fledgling in the alternative media sphere, but New American Media has recognized The Sanctuary with a prestigious award.

The full credit for it goes to the amazing group of editors at the Sanctuary who have given us great coverage on issues like the swine (NAFTA) flu, the Luis Ramirez injustice and so much more in the past year.

One of the best developments to date has been the initiation of the Weekly Immigration Wire by friend of the blog and ace graphic designer, The Unapologetic Mexican. Sign up at Immigration Newsladder to have you say in the Media Consortium.

February 12th Immigration Image
Ideally, I would be more involved in researching and blogging, but the past few months of organizing and traveling has sapped the writing mojo. Hopefully, the self-imposed summer break will free the mind for more intellectual pursuits.