Selling “Undocumented and Unafraid” – $10

Dear DC friends:

I now have a bunch of “Undocumented and Unafraid” books to sell, which celebrates the lives of our friends, Tam Tran and Cinthia Felix, and charts the undocumented youth movement. I contributed a piece for it on social media.

The books are only $10 each and I’ll even autograph them for you. Please email me if you want to purchase one:

If you are not in D.C., you can send your online order here.

Thank you.

Donate-a-book – Children in Fiji Need Our Help

Ok, this is my little way of helping the underprivileged children in Fiji — I am sort of limited in what I can do for now but hopefully that changes in 3-5 years.

I went to the best schools while I grew up in Fiji so the fact that some students did not have access to books was not something that I spent time thinking about (It’s generally not what children spend time thinking about either unless they are in that situation).

From Dec 1 to Dec 15, the Fiji Children’s Trust is holding a book drive for Daku Village school. The facebook event is here.

Donate a book for xmas and help a school build their new library!

Please contact us if you are in Fiji or post your books to the school.
Daku Village School
P.O.Box 400

I am sure a lot of us (especially the college students) have books to spare that would be of good use to these children. Think age group 4-10.

Join Books for Fiji on facebook to keep up to date with these and other similar efforts.