What To Do When “Fans” Cross The Line?

I’ve had a few “fans” — right-wing extremists and some immigration reform advocates — target my home in California.

Last week, someone by the name of “Mauricio Carvallan” posted some of my home addresses online hurling false accusations of “document fraud” and “harboring illegal aliens” along with anti-gay, and anti-Muslim signs. Then, on Saturday night, someone called my home in California asking for my immigration status. My uncle answered the phone, and the person refused to identify himself, insisting on finding out about my immigration status.

If the objective is to threaten and intimidate my family members, all of whom are here lawfully and most of whom are citizens of the U.S., I think the target is a bit ludicrous. If the objective is to harass me, unfortunately, someone needs to do better research.

There are other similar incidents of stalking and harassment that I’ve been subjected to throughout my stay in the U.S. Prior to the incident last weekend, some immigration reform advocates also posted my home addresses online, with false accusations about me organizing a border crossing and voting, in order to incite threats and intimidate.

I don’t see these as isolated incidents but evidence of systemic abuse we are subjected to as queer immigrants in the U.S., and the workings of white supremacy. I have put a tracker on the home phone, multiple trackers on who visits my website, and I’m posting here for the record.

In the meanwhile, if my “fans” wants to find out where I am, just come to Northwest White House lawn where we’re stationed this month, asking the President to deliver administrative relief.

Moron of the Week – Tom Tancredo and His Nativist Thugs

Former Congressperson, Tom Tancredo, was not allowed to speak at a recent event in University of North Carolina hosted by the Youth for Western Civilization [Read: Youth Against Multiculturalism and Diversity].

Protestors shutdown the event through their non-violent chanting. Someone banged loudly on the window to make noise and broke it. And just for that, all hell broke lose or so the media spins. Our resident anti-immigrant demagogue William Gheen was quick to compare it to the persecution of Jews.

That’s really a case of the pot calling the kettle black given that his organization–ALIPAC–has ties to right wing hate groups according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Nezua from the Unapologetic Mexican states:

Regarding Gheen: He is really stepping on ALL my nerves now. I am not only a Mexicano who takes all Gheen’s gross proselytizing personally, but also descended from the Jews he uses as a coin here. And as a descendant of Russian/Romanian Jews who fled Europe as stowaways because of Anti-Semitic violence-and only 3 generations ago-I find this comparison of my people to those who use divisive and exclusionary and inciteful and hateful and persecutory anti-ILLEGULZ speech that is fueling violence against my people-Latinos and other brown folk-EXTREMELY offensive and a wonderfully perverse use of suffering to further even more racism and oppression

Setback for free speech? Boo-hoo. Get over it.

At least Tancredo and his cronies do not have to worry about being invaded and detained by ICE whenever they practice their hate speech.

This is also the same Tom Tancredo that asked ICE to arrest and detain college immigration advocates when they were testifying for the DREAM Act in 2007.

Apparently, ‘free speech’ is only convenient when the speech in question is in agreement to one’s own sentiments and belief systems.

Read the whole piece at Promigrant.org