08 January 2010 ~ 9 Comments

Taking Control of the Home Loan Modification Saga

I finally got involved in my mother’s home mortgage saga after ignoring it for months.  She pretended like she had everything under control by filing and refiling papers and hiring a scamming law firm (eModify). I don’t know why I fell for that one again, considering she used to constantly lie to me that my […]

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02 September 2009 ~ 0 Comments

The Home Mortgage Saga Continues

The infamous Indymac Bank (One West) has once again refused to modify our house mortgage. What is the excuse this time? “Your expense/income ratio does not fit into our system.” Huh? When asked for clarification, the service representative explained that our expenses are much more than our income, hence the loan could not be modified. […]

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06 August 2009 ~ 0 Comments

Morons of the Week: 'Indymac' (OneWest Bank)

Indymac and the people who work on the mortgage modification programs at the bank have to go down as the morons of the month. Apparently, even under the services of One West Bank, it is still an utter failure as a financial institution. Background: There was a time when we had equity on our home […]

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