05 March 2012 ~ 6 Comments

Of Border Gays and Trans Migrants: Where Next?

Jose Antonio Vargas is perhaps the best known border gay. But there is much larger community of border gays and trans* migrants who don’t necessarily bask in the mainstream limelight. Queer immigrants have been around for quite a while and involved in every civil rights struggle. The undocumented youth movement is just the latest reincarnation. […]

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19 May 2008 ~ 0 Comments

Who is more 'undesirable ?' The 'illegal alien' or homosexual ?

Over the weekend, I was reading some pro-migrant news at a Catholic site that I had stumbled on via Google News Alert service. And on the sidebar, the very site was spewing hatred about same-sex marriage in California. The churches and religious ‘right’ who first established ‘sanctuary’ and are very pro-migrant, are also the ones […]

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