How (Not) To Bring Down The Immigrant Youth Movement

The following is a guest post from Lindsay Schubiner, my partner.

Step 1. Make sure you have no responsibilities in life so that you can devote all your time to your god-given duty to let everyone know that some immigrants have political opinions and tell really funny jokes.

Step 2. Set up a virtual law office so that you can fool people into thinking you are a real lawyer. The other alternative is to set up a fake political party so you can convince people that you actually have some political clout.

Step 3. Don’t bother to learn about how real social movements operate. Surely these kids can be brought down by spinning their satirical jokes into accusations of cannibalism and anarchism.

Step 4. This part is very important. Find a prominent yet ignorant, weak-willed, and insecure white man. Manipulate him into providing you with cover for your, shall we say, “passionate” pursuit of information about undocumented youth.

Step 5. Be sure to choose your targets wisely. Excellent targets include:

  • People who have nothing to lose;
  • People who don’t make decisions about movement actions;
  • People who don’t care about you or your far right-wing friends;
  • People who are respected, supported, and, most importantly, well-connected;
  • Poster children supported by prominent politicians who are champions of your cause.

Step 6. Attack these targets relentlessly. Make sure you know and read everything they have ever written, anywhere and at any time. Make sure you monitor all their online actions during every waking moment. Don’t sleep.

Step 7. Align yourself with the extreme right wing. Be sure to base your attacks on xenophobic, nativist, racist, homophobic, and Islamophobic stereotypes. Surely then, everyone will realize that immigrant youth are the enemy of comprehensive immigration reform!

Step 8. Make sure your attacks are outlandish enough that they provide countless hours of entertainment and fun for your targets.

Step 9. Make sure to publicly accuse your targets of serious crimes. Hopefully, the DOJ will see your accusations and do something! Don’t worry about those future defamation lawsuits. Pile it on! After all, you have prominent lawyer friends to defend you.

Step 10. Post online the addresses, photos, and personal information of your targets, along with some facts (well, you can stretch that part) that are sure to rile up the vigilante racists. Hope that they will do the rest of the work for you.

Step 11. When your targets file an order of protection against you for stalking, show up to defend your fundamental American right to stalk and harass undocumented immigrants in the name of immigration reform.

Step 12. Scratch your head and wonder why you haven’t brought down the immigrant youth movement yet.

Much love and peace.

Morons of the Week: Those Britons Who Voted for the BNP

In elections held 2 days ago, Nick Griffin and the far-right British National Party won seats for the FIRST time! All was celebratory in the BNP camp till he got pelted with eggs for his reactionary point of views.

The British National Party opposes what Nick Griffin calls the ”creeping Islamification” of Britain, supports voluntary repatriation of immigrants and wants to take Britain out of the European Union and NATO. It’s nativism 101 and it’s ugly.

Immigrant scapegoating is a sad answer to recession. It’s sadder when the spineless left and Labour Party serve to appease xenophobia rather than confront it.

As The Herald puts:

The way to tackle racism is to confront it, not appease it; to show consistently the benefits that immigrants bring to society; to point out that British history has also been a history of emigration; to work harder to achieve integration; and to recognise our own immigrant backgrounds.

Britain and all other countries face a fundamental choice right now. They can either accept that the movement of peoples between countries is and always has been part of the natural order, and is especially encouraged by neo-liberal policies purported by the G-8. Or they can join the BNP and the Nazi parties in embracing right-wing xenophobia and nativism as an answer to societal ills brought about by a system that benefits a few over many. Most would elect to walk the middle-line out of cowardice.

On a related note, here is the latest map of exploding hate groups in the United States.

This comment on the CNN blog wins quote of the week on blog:

There should be a “cute” little symbol centered on Washington. Until our country’s government recognizes all American citizens as equal, it will continue to serve as a paradigm for hate groups everywhere.


Moron of the Week – Tom Tancredo and His Nativist Thugs

Former Congressperson, Tom Tancredo, was not allowed to speak at a recent event in University of North Carolina hosted by the Youth for Western Civilization [Read: Youth Against Multiculturalism and Diversity].

Protestors shutdown the event through their non-violent chanting. Someone banged loudly on the window to make noise and broke it. And just for that, all hell broke lose or so the media spins. Our resident anti-immigrant demagogue William Gheen was quick to compare it to the persecution of Jews.

That’s really a case of the pot calling the kettle black given that his organization–ALIPAC–has ties to right wing hate groups according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Nezua from the Unapologetic Mexican states:

Regarding Gheen: He is really stepping on ALL my nerves now. I am not only a Mexicano who takes all Gheen’s gross proselytizing personally, but also descended from the Jews he uses as a coin here. And as a descendant of Russian/Romanian Jews who fled Europe as stowaways because of Anti-Semitic violence-and only 3 generations ago-I find this comparison of my people to those who use divisive and exclusionary and inciteful and hateful and persecutory anti-ILLEGULZ speech that is fueling violence against my people-Latinos and other brown folk-EXTREMELY offensive and a wonderfully perverse use of suffering to further even more racism and oppression

Setback for free speech? Boo-hoo. Get over it.

At least Tancredo and his cronies do not have to worry about being invaded and detained by ICE whenever they practice their hate speech.

This is also the same Tom Tancredo that asked ICE to arrest and detain college immigration advocates when they were testifying for the DREAM Act in 2007.

Apparently, ‘free speech’ is only convenient when the speech in question is in agreement to one’s own sentiments and belief systems.

Read the whole piece at

Gays and Undocumented Immigrants – Nativists and Homophobes Two Sides of the Same Coin

“One of the pro-Prop. 8 persons was cited for trying to incite a fight,” Campa said.

Police said the man was a member of the anti-illegal immigration group San Diego Minutemen, and told the San Diego Union-Tribune that he was one of several people conducting a counter-protest on Sixth Avenue at Ash Street.

Status quo civil marriage and immigration laws often target and constrict behavior that is neither criminal nor wrong. Put under the lens, nativists and homophobes are two-sides of the same coin– the coin that hates, otherizes, marginalizes and oppresses the Other.

1. With-holding a term, a construct that has power (tool of governmentality)
In the case of immigrants, that would be ‘citizen.’ For the LGBTQ community right now, that would be ‘marriage’ – Both are arbitrary constructs, backed by the state that have evolved over time. At one point, only white property owning males were considered citizens and there was a time not too long ago that inter-racial marriages were illegal. Now we have gay and undocumented individuals who are fighting for the certain benefits not made available to them.

Homosexuals have to do without marriage because they are homosexuals.

Illegal Aliens have to do without citizenship because they are illegals.

2. Stubborn binaries — Insistence that the lines cannot be crossed.
“You can have your civil unions” (directly implying that marriage is off-limits)
“Illegal is illegal” (falsely implying that citizenship is an immutable concept)

3. Twisted, corny logic
“You have the same right to get married as I do – marry the person of an opposite sex”

“If you want to become a citizen, get in the line” without realizing there is no line for most undocumented immigrants.

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This may be a DREAM come true

I am a bit ill this week and trying to relax before exams so this is a short note –

The DREAM Act has taken off as the #1 idea on and the many students coming out with their stories is absolutely heart-warming as well as heart-breaking. It might be tough to repeat this in the second round (Jan 5 – 15) but we must try to come out in the Top 10 and maintain a link with the supporters of critical immigration reform online. That’s why I urge all supporting members of to add DreamACTivist as a friend to get more updates and alerts on upcoming actions as well as join the Immigration cause.

Another idea that is very close to my heart (and personally tugs at my heartstrings more than the DREAM Act) is Uniting American Families Act. It has been placed in the Immigration section so the LGBT community might not be too aware of this. We tend to maintain a bridge between immigration and LGBT issues too often but issues like these show the heteronormativity of immigration laws affect more than just one core community.

Don’t forget your book donations to the Fiji Children’s Trust. Fiji might be the epitome of paradise in the eyes of many tourists, but the people living there have another story to tell. The Indians that have migrated from the country due to the coups have their own tales of sorrow and grief but that does not mean we should forget those that are left behind, especially the children. They played no part in the overthrow of the Indian-dominated labor government or the subsequent persecution of Indians; hence, they should not be punished for the ignorance of Fijian nationalists and nativists.

Of course, the government is realizing that the loss of Indo-Fijians has drastically harmed the economy and trying to lure back former Fiji citizens:

The interim government has announced former Fiji citizens living abroad will be entitled to automatic residency status at a cost of 1,860 US dollars from next year, giving them the right to reside, work and invest in the country.

It’s also setting up a foreign currency accounts scheme to make it easier for them to send money to Fiji.

Wait, so we migrate from Fiji after nativist calls to “go back home to India” and the overthrow of two democratically-elected Indian-dominated governments, but the Fijian government wants us to now PAY for residency after forced migration?! That is such an insult! Of course I say that while still maintaining my own Fijian citizenship …

I’ll be back after this weekend with loads of posts.