Coming Soon: Fiji Islands

Speaking from personal experience, I’m sensitive to the fact that many of my friends, clients, and community members are practically trapped in the United States, unable to visit their home countries, unable to see loved ones, and even attend their funerals abroad.

But going back to Fiji, my home country, is all I’ve ever wanted to do, and I’m happy to say that I’m finally doing that this coming month!

We’ll go from Nadi to Port Denarau for some island hopping in the Mamanucas, along with watersports such as parasailing, kayaking, diving and snorkeling at some of the most gorgeous sights in the world.

Beachcomber Island

Beachcomber Island, Mamanuca Group

Next, we’ll return to the glorious Coral Coast, walk around Natadola beach, go on some eco-tours along the Sigatoka river, enjoy local food in Sigatoka and spa outings. We’ll also do some kayaking and snorkeling here.

Natadola Beach

Natadola Beach, Coral Coast

After that, we’re headed to the capital city, Suva, where I grew up. I’m really looking forward to this leg of the trip, seeing old friends, walking along the waterfront, doing some essential genealogical research, and catching some movies at the local Village Six like the good old times.


Suva is the largest metropolis in the South Pacific

But it doesn’t end there. After recharging in Suva, we’re off to the garden island of Taveuni! I’ve never been to Taveuni, and it looks like a complete treat. We’d love to meet new people here as well, and get to do some adventurous hikes. I also hear that Rainbow Reef, accessible from Taveuni, has some of the best coral in the world, so diving here is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’d also love to go to Nanuka island, and Savusavu, though I may have to postpone the latter for next time.

Nanuku Island

Nanukalevu Island, Fiji

After that, we head back to Suva, for some more downtime, and amusement, since the election circus will be heating up during this time.

Then, we’ll probably head to my home-town to see family.

It’s going to be spectacular!

Relocating to Fiji

Happy New Year’s Eve.

With the green card process winding down, I am actively looking for job opportunities to resettle in the Fiji Islands in the next few years, or work as an expat, temporarily, to restore some ties to the country. 

Ever since my Dad took me on board a Greenpeace ship in Fiji when I was ten years old to protest French nuclear testing in the South Pacific, I have wanted to work in the public sector for the good of the country, be it through fighting climate change, or working on human rights issues in the islands.


I have a solid resume with two graduate degrees, one in International Relations, and another in Law. I already had a good phone interview with a major IGO last week, but I am continuing to look for opportunities, in case things do not work out. I preferably want to resettle in Suva, as I am most familiar with the city, but I am willing to relocate anywhere on Viti Levu. 

As family and friends, if you hear of anything with a law firm, government office, NGO or IGO working on such issues, please shoot me an email as I am seriously looking to relocate in a couple years.

Bula vinaka!

Is There A Difference Between Love and Hate?

Little Dreamer (Peter Green album)

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They say love and hate are two sides of the same coin. I seem to have the wrong currency.

I’m standing trial for something I had no control over.

The only things I seem to have control over are slowly slipping from my grasp.

They singled out the wrong dreamer for persecution. I was actually never meant to be a dreamer. I’m not just the accidental American. I’m the reluctant one.

There has to be something that compels me to fight this injustice. I just cannot figure out what is more unjust: being dragged here by my family when I was 14 or being told to get out of here without my family 14 years later. It all seems like a huge cosmic joke.

No one is really concerned. They don’t think it is possible.

No one understands my inner-turmoil. They think this is one of the easier things I have had to do.

How do I stand trial for the actions of my loved ones? “I’m here because my family is here” doesn’t hold much water in front of a judge.

How do I defend my presence in this country when I can barely tolerate it any more than it can tolerate me? This country has yet to give me a single reason for why it deserves me.

How do I fight against being sent to a place I’ve loved and lost? Persecution be damned, I feel like I was served a notice for divorce from a repressive and hateful marriage that I was forced into. And now, I have a chance to be free.

I’m told to shutup and let a lawyer do the talking.

So I wrote a lot. I deleted a lot more. I just couldn’t press control, alt, delete on how I feel.

I am really angry. But I’m also incredibly sad. I’m really amused. But I’m also annoyed.

I want to be home. I just don’t know what that means anymore.