15 November 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Community Voices: “Legalization for All”

President Obama continues to deport people, even as pro-reform advocates with significant salaries continue to fast on Capitol Hill for comprehensive immigration reform. The undocumented have been starved for many years so we’ll continue to eat what we can. In some good news, the federal government is stopping the deportations of the spouses, children and parents […]

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05 November 2013 ~ 0 Comments

D.C. Council Approves Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Residents

Undocumented immigrants in the District can get drivers licenses from May 1, 2014. Alas, the driver’s licenses will be different from the ones issued to D.C. residents. I am personally glad to have pushed for one license in D.C., and thus, changed the debate from whether the undocumented should get licenses to whether the licenses […]

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29 March 2013 ~ 1 Comment

How Queer Undocumented Youth Built the Immigrant Rights Movement

I don’t usually give a damn to what DC immigration groups do because ain’t nobody got time for that. That is true until someone tries to re-write my history. And that is precisely what straight, white, cisgender and clueless male Frank Sharry, who is best known for running several failed political campaigns, does in his […]

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20 December 2012 ~ 0 Comments


I’m always fascinated with how Ruben Navarette hits the nail on the head but he’s actually not pinning two things together. In due time, I’m sure the institutionalized youth part of the non-profit industrial complex will come out with some “strategic messaging” to counter this. They may even hit the nail on the head with some headline that resembles “we are […]

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06 July 2012 ~ 5 Comments

Obama’s Immigration Announcement Creates New Generation of “Undocumented and Unafraid”

President Obama’s directive to affirmatively issue deferred action to DREAM Act eligible youth is fostering a new generation of “undocumented and unafraid” students who will be spared from deportation. But it isn’t just young people who are coming out in throes. It is also our parents. At the National DREAM Graduation in Washington D.C., which was […]

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