05 January 2009 ~ 0 Comments

a glimpse into the life of an activist academic

“No, I just got back from URPE sessions at ASSA.” “What? What is that?” “An academic conference for political economists.” “Oh, I thought it was another DREAM(immigration)-related conference.” Welcome to my life. 24, gay, single, desi, new media blogger, civil rights activist, student organizer, aspiring lawyer, researcher, programmer, fiction writer, editor, graphic designer, fitness freak […]

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28 December 2008 ~ 0 Comments

URPE – Allied Social Sciences Association Meeting in San Francisco Jan 3-Jan 5

I’ll be attending as a member of URPE, the AEA conference in San Francisco from Jan 2 to Jan 5. The following panels are the ones that I am particularly interested in attending: Jan. 3, 8:00 am AEA International Migration and Remittances: Innovations in Survey and Experimental Work (O1) Presiding: DEAN YANG, University of Michigan […]

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