Sarjina Emy – The ICE strikes again – Holding innocent youth in detention centers

This is plain ludicrous. Why are we punishing children and young adults for the alleged transgressions of their parents? What sort of justice is this?!

19-year old Sarjina Emy, who was brought here illegally when she was four years old, and her brothers, have been held at the Broward Transitional Center for over seven months. Their parents have been deported already. Sarjina knows no other country besides America; this is her home and she is as American as any other citizen.

Below is a message from her and information on what you can do to help:

“My name is Sarjina Emy, I am 19 years old and being detained by
immigration at the Broward Transitional Center. Both of my brothers are
here. My father was here before they deported him. They separated us
from our mother and put her in a different jail before they deported her
too. I have been here since I was four years old

Before all this happened to me I had a good life, good people around me,
and a good family, We never did anything to hurt anyone. But now I feel
we have lost everything. My family is torn apart. I haven’t seen my mom
in 7 months, since the day they took us and split us up. I can only see
my brothers for an hour and a half every week, even though they are in
the same facility. I spent my birthday and every holiday in jail
(Broward Transitional Center). I try to do what ever I can to keep it
together here. In the morning I teach yoga, aerobics, and exercise to
the other girls here. I get a long with everyone, even some of the
officials. They sometime nickname me “Trouble” because I always stand up
for my self. But I swear I am struggling… mentally, physically, and
emotionally…every which way.

When I graduated from high school I was 17. I though I would get an
early start. I wanted to be a doctor. Now I just want to be free.
Sometime I feel like there is no such thing as justice. They took
everything from us…my brother won’t even be able to see his first child
be born. For what??? Because my parents brought here when I was 4

Any support would help. Put the word out…make phone calls. There are so
many people here like me. So many families…so many girls that have been
here their whole lives and are being sent back to countries they don’t
even know. We just want to be heard. It is so hard to take it here. It
feels like noone can hear us or feel what we are feeling. Please,
everyone…do what you can to help”

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Please spread the word, sorry for repeat postings…

ACTION ALERT!!! Free Sarjina Emy and her family!!!
Stop punishing families and detaining young people!!!

Call ICE and tell them to release Sarjina and her brothers while their
cases are pending!

Call Senator Martinez and tell him to support Sarjina and her family’s
request for parole!

Sarjina Emy, 19 years old, and her two brothers, Shamsul and Mahbubul
are currently detained by ICE (immigration) at Broward Transitional
Center and facing deportation. Sarjina and Shamsul have been detained
for the past six months. Their parents have already been deported.
Sarjina has been here since she was 4 years old, and her brothers since
they were 11 and 13 (Additional info on the family below). ICE has the
power to release them while their immigration cases are pending.

Your phone calls can help!!! Young people should not be held in
detention, especially for what happened when they were children. ICE
should not be destroying families!!!

Please call/fax ICE and Senator Mel Martinez today!!!

Who to call/fax:
ICE Field Office Director Michael Rozos
Phone: 305-762-3350, Fax: 305 762-3750

Supervisory Deport Officer Neil Acri,
Phone:954-545-6060 (press 1 then ask for Officer Acri, if you don’t get
him leave a voicemail)
Fax: 954 972 1836

What to tell them (in your own words)
“We ask that you release Sarjina Emy (A 73181997) and her brothers
Shamsul Rana (A73181999) and Mahbubul Rumy (A 73181998) from custody.
You should either give them parole or an order of supervision. The
family has a Petition in Federal Court, and you have the power to
release them while their case is pending. Our immigration system should
not be destroying families like this.”

Remember to be firm but polite. If you are sending a fax, put it on
organizational letterhead if possible. If you have time please contact
Senator Mel Martinez as well. We need our elected officials to take a stand!

Who to call/fax:
Mel Martinez Orlando Office
Phone: (407) 254-2573
Fax: (407) 423-0941
Ask to speak with the immigration caseworker

What to tell them:
“Please support Sarjina Emy and her brothers Shamsul Rana and Mahbubul.
They are all detained young people who should be at home with their
families while their immigration case is pending. Please give them a
letter of support and intervene on their behalf with ICE. ICE has the
power to release them while their case is pending and your voice will help.”

Let us fight for our families!!!

Summary of the case:

The children of Elahee Mohammad and Feroja are all being detained by
immigration and facing deportation after living in this country for over
15 years. The youngest, Sarjina Emy just turned 19 and graduated from
Timber Creek high school. Her two elder brothers (Shamsul and Mahbubul)
are also in detention. Their father Elahee Mohammad came to this country
in 1991, his wife Feroja came in 1993 bringing her children Sarjina (5),
Shamsul (13), and Mahbubul (11) with her. They came here after facing
persecution in their native Bangladesh.

Even though it was not Sarjina, Mahbubul or Shamsul’s choice to be here,
they made Florida their home. They went to school at Orlando’s Timber
Lake High School getting good grades and making a lot of friends.
Mahbubul and Shamsul both attended Seminole Community College. At the
same time they all worked for the family business and paid their taxes
for more than 10 years.

On June 28, 2007, ICE agents came to Elahee Mohammad’s house at 5 am in
the morning acting on an old order of deportation based on the father’s
original asylum claim. Although the parents had an approved labor
certification and petition from an employer, they were nevertheless
victims of bad luck and a now-disbarred attorney.

Sarjina’s parents were recently deported back to Bangladesh, despite
having a pending immigration case.

Now, Sarjina and her brothers face the same fate as their parents.
Sarjina and Shamsul, and Mahbubul are presently detained at the Broward
Transitional Center, a jail 40 minutes from Miami. Mahbubul’s wife
Solange, a US citizen, is expecting their first child. Shamsul’s wife,
Munmun, a legal permanent resident, is losing the house they live in
because she cannot afford the bills.

But ICE does not have to detain the family. They currently have a
Petition in Federal Court (2nd Circuit) to review their deportation
case. The court has issued a stay of deportation. ICE has the power to
release the family on parole or an order of supervision until their
deportation case is finished. That is they are asking for right now.

For more information contact the Florida Immigrant Coalition at
(305-571-7254) or info@floridaimmigrant.orgThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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