Calling all DREAM Act Students to Participate – Giving Voice to our DREAMs

Hello, fellow DREAMers and supporters,

I am a post-graduate student working on a DREAM Act conference/journal paper project and need your input, your stories. This is an opportunity for all of us to document and academically publish our hopes, dreams, aspirations, struggles, experiences. It is not long and will not take much of you time. Please forward, post or give this link to all DREAMers you know. Answers can be submitted by commenting on this blog post, or emailing me at

I hope to hear from loads of you in the next 2 weeks.


DREAMers Questionnaire – Giving VOICE to our DREAMs Project

Do you identify as American?

If yes, describe your feelings about being ‘undocumented’ in your home country.

Why did your parents come to the United States? How old were you and how old are you now? Share as much of your background as you feel comfortable.

What is your country of birth and do you remember anything about it? How are conditions there? How would you feel about being sent back ?

How do you feel about their decision, given your present circumstance as an undocumented student?

What sacrifices have you made along the way and what opportunities have been lost to you?

What is the highest level of education you have achieved? Have you faced obstacles to achieving your educational aspirations?

Describe the daily obstacles you face in the United States.

How do you deal with being “American” and not having the rights granted to American citizens? Are there any activities you partake in or anything you have done (or not) because you are undocumented?

Do you self-identify as a DREAMer? How else do you identify in your daily life? (race/ethnicity/nationality/religion/gender/sexual orientation/student/…take your pick)

What are your greatest dreams and hopes?

What are your greatest fears?

Anything else you would like to share – a short story, experience, quote, poem etc. (that would evoke some emotion)?

This is for your privacy. If I quote you in an article or paper, what name should I use for you?

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