"I voted for the fence, but I voted for a smart fence"

Yeah, and "I voted for the war, but I voted for a winnable war." 

Do Hillary Clinton and other politicians seriously think that no one is smart enough to catch their disingenuous political doublespeak?

What makes a smart fence different from a 'stupid' fence? Well, it is most likely equipped with the latest radar technology that can detect and warn people from 200-300 yards away. 

Booming Voice:

"You are 300 yards near the border of the United States. Refrain from crossing over illegally. Please take this as a warning and retreat or be shot down." 

Oh wait, maybe it would bilingual, so it would repeat in Spanish. In that case, someone needs to give me a translation because me no hablo espanyol.


You see, I am undocumented and just flew in through LAX. They told me to have a nice stay. That was 9 years ago.

Political satire aside, there is no reason to believe that this piece of technology would keep out illegal immigrants any more than Star Wars would let us conquer space or National Missile Defense would intercept missiles in mid-air. But we can believe that smart fence or stupid fence, the billion dollar contracts financed by American taxpayers would be given to corporate firms like Haliburton, Boeing, making their CEO's richer while plunging us further into deficit. Mark my words. (Re: Immigration control is lucrative business)

Forget about the damn Mexicans, we would also displace Americans living near the borderlands, paying out hefty sums under the Fifth Amendment compensation for eminent domain. Now tell me why my parents and you should pay the cost of keeping people out of this country?

Smart fence or stupid fence, Senator Clinton, the philosophy, the underlying truth and assumption is the same. The fence–smart or stupid–is a wall of xenophobia, a festering of difference, a physical monumental statement of boundaries separating mere mortals. Our borderlands are not warzones where we need to detect the slightest movement of enemy combatants. Migrants trying to enter the United States in order to work and earn a living do not have any half-baked plans to invade our country, overthrow the government and install a puppet regime. Maybe that stream of consciousness is just a guilty conscience? 

Whatever the reason for this 'smart fence' proposal, lets be clear that it is doomed from the start, not a solution to our messed-up immigration system, and does not promote good relations with our closest neighbor, which is quite hypocritical under NAFTA. 

No to the fence–smart, stupid or average. 

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