Some observations from a tired DREAMer

Alright, I organized my blog so the focus remains on being a pro-migrant blog, and shoved my other addictions into other pages (all the L lovers, look here).  I see links to my personal blog on pro-migrant sites, and lets stick to that for the most part, shall we?

Lets see, I made three interesting blog posts over the week that really should be explored and expanded upon more.

The first one is right up my alley — discourse and power. I spend some time discussing how the discourse of ‘illegal immigration’ has been shaped to our disadvantage and how we must really reclaim the language. There are plenty of ways to go from here. My own research paper is on how this discourse than serves to create placeholders and maybe cement binary modes of thought.

The second likens the new era of anti-immigrant hysteria and ICE raids and deportation to McCarthyism. Am I being unfair in my observation?

The third extols the concept of ‘sanctuary city’ as civil disobedience likening it to the Underground Railroad and 60s era activism. I do a poor job of showing “undocumented workers” as a suspect or oppressed class, but there is time for that. It is a blog post after all, I cannot be writing an essay or legal brief. The act of providing safety and security is the same in either case.

Anyway, those are my three enlightening thoughts for the week. I think both deserve some consideration.

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