The M Word – California Supreme Court Hears Arguments for Gay Marriage

It still blows my mind that we have to “argue” about basic fundamental human rights.

I thought the nation decided close to 50 years ago that “separate but equal” is not equal. How can the idiot judges on the California Supreme Court sit there like pompous asses and state “isn’t domestic partnership and marriage the same thing? Aren’t the rights conferred to same-sex couples in California equal to rights granted to heterosexual couples?”

For California and for the court, it really bears down to the M word – “marriage” … Is it Constitutional for the state of California to give the rights of marriage to same-sex couples but NOT call it marriage? Does this separate treatment violate equal protection laws? The answer should be obvious. Listen to the opponents of marriage – they hue and cry that allowing same-sex couples to marry degrades the SACRED institution of Marriage. So in effect, the State of California is denying a suspect class, a CERTAIN category of people, right to participate in a SACRED institution. It boils down to discourse — the power of the M word – “marriage” and to deny same-sex couples the right to that discourse, is to render them powerless and treat them like second-class citizens.

I still think this entire matter is ludicrous and NOT a matter of public concern. We should really move towards abolishing the institution of marriage altogether and state involvement in our bedrooms. It’s a wanton distraction from more pressing matters, hello war, hello poverty, hello homelessness, hello immigration, hello education … Goodness.


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