UN report on human rights of migrants in the United States

I do not remember the last time the United States got a pat on the back or an award for upholding human rights. Please remind me, was I in this world? If so, how young? Anyway, this time the issue of human rights of migrants and AT issue is the pro-longed stay in detention centers, inadequate appeals process … at least that is what newspapers that pick up the report are mentioning. What they are not talking about is the discussion on life on both sides of the border, on the sheer desperation that it takes to risk lives crossing the border at dangerous areas,  on the lack of protection from human smugglers, on the vulnerability of children in border areas.

Sure, not all non-citizen migrants come through Mexico, but an overwhelming majority do. It is a historical pattern of migration that the United States has been trying to curb for quite a while. I wonder what gives a country the right to “westward expansion” through mass colonization, raping, plundering and pillaging and not another country the right to at least culturally expand “northward” through sheer migration. Someone please give me a logical answer that is not ripe with hypocrisy and nationalist trash. We don’t do litter here.

Here is the UN report, that none of the newspapers have provided a link to. I detest it when reporters write about a “report” and do not document the primary source.

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