I am back from Boston

And still recovering from the horribly long hours at the conference and straining my hand while lifting heavy luggage. I took some pictures at Charles River and Boston harbor, so have a look. Yea, I was wearing a pink triangle all throughout the conference.

The highlight of the conference was a talk with Noam Chomsky while I finally got a long overdue $45 haircut. People also liked my presentation and asked good questions — I have finally come to an EDUCATED conclusion that academia is a sanctuary sphere of sorts for the undocumented and underprivileged, as well as niches for all sorts of under-represented ideas. There is a lot of sympathy and empathy for a ‘different’ experience or thought and it was reflected by the audience feedback of several presentations otherwise considered too left-field.At the same time however, to really be accepted by the mainstream academic circle, we still need to hide our heterodox, post-modernist, subaltern orientations, especially in the United States. Yet, there are niches and sanctuaries and it feels nice to have that bit of support.

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