Deporting DREAM Act Students

Aspiring and talented artist, Meynardo Garcia (18), who has lived here since he was 10, is facing deportation to Mexico. Newsie and I both blogged about this today so I would like to focus on the impact of his deportation, rather than the story. You can read the entire article here.

Part of a talented Generation 1.5 of students that are nonetheless treated like criminals in this country, it is disheartening to see an honest, talented and hardworking young student like Meynardo Garcia–who is well-liked by many at his school and a pride to his community–to have his dreams cut short by our stringent immigration laws.

We are so bent on punishing ‘illegal immigration’ that we have lost sight of the real picture and are now taking our anger out on children and young adults–teenagers who had absolutely no say in this matter and have not committed any crimes. It is due to this tunnel-vision and narrow-mindedness that we are exporting real talent–our INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY–overseas without reaping payments or benefits  from that export.

The fixation on ‘how immigrants got here’ instead of what they have done during their time in this country is hurting not only talented students being held for deportation–it is hurting us as we export our best and brightest after paying for their K-12 education. Our country is defined by immigration–it is the talent and ingenuity of immigrants that has in part, made America the economic powerhouse that it is today. When Generation 1.5 students, brought up in the binary of two cultures, equipped with both foreign and English language skills, with a desire to make a future for themselves in America through hard-work and passion are put out for deportation, it is not only the Meynardo Garcias of the world that lose. We lose along with them.

Please support the DREAM Act to ensure that children and young adults like Meynardo do not suffer as casualties in the war against immigrants.

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