Deporting our Picasso (Update on Meynardo Garcia)

A video update is here featuring Meynardo Garcia.

What does America gain from deporting a young, talented artist like Meynardo Garcia?

Are we 'safer' as a country by deporting him? No, he is not a criminal by any stretch of that word.

Are we enforcing the rule of law? No, Meynardo Garcia hasn't broken any laws–He is not responsible for illegally entering the United States with his mother at the young age of 10 and his illegal presence is a mere civil infraction.

Are we saving precious taxpayer resources? No, in fact by deporting Meynardo we are losing eight years of our valuable K-12 investment in him, exporting our very own Picasso/Van Gogh to another country after cultivating that talent. What sense does that make? 

Click here to request that our next President takes action on the DREAM Act, which would grant conditional residency to undocumented students like Meynardo Garcia so that they can pursue higher education in the United States and so we can continue to keep talented and passionate students like him that do America proud and enable us to compete in the global political economy.


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