Deporting Weng back to Communist Repression

Seven years ago, Zhenliang Weng escaped China to seek political refuge in the United States and enjoy our freedoms and liberties not granted by the China Communist Party (CCP). Today he faces deportation because he made the mistake of obtaining a fake passport in order to get here. While in the United States, Weng became politically active against the Chinese government to the point that if he gets deported from the United States, Weng faces prisontime, torture and maybe even death if deported back to China. His case is now being reviewed for political asylum.


"I am so scared about going back to China," Weng said before dropping his head on the table, breaking down in tears during an interview in the county jail.
"I was just trying to help my country," he said. "I’m not a criminal. I just wanted a better life for myself. 
"In China, there is no freedom. I don’t like China."


The United States has a 'wet feet, dry feet' policy under which Cuban immigrants stopped by U.S. ships at sea are sent back to Cuba, but those who make it to dry ground are allowed to remain but the same benefits don't extend to Chinese or Haitians escaping Communist rule in their countries. Why the hypocrisy and different immigration rules for different nationalities experiencing similar political repression?

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