ICE comes through for Undocumented Students in North Carolina

Thanks to the endless battle over undocumented students in North Carolina and the need to clear confusion over federal law (not that any of us were ever confused), the U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) clarified once and for all that federal law did not prohibit undocumented immigrants from attending colleges.

The statement is here

Alright, to sum up our schizophrenic immigration laws — Illegally entering a country is punishable up to 2 years but mere illegal presence is not a crime. Undocumented immigrants are subject to deportation at any time, but they MUST be allowed to attend K-12 and nothing bars them from post-secondary education. The only way for many undocumented immigrants to adjust their status is through marriage to a U.S. citizen, but the person would be deported to their country of national origin for upto 10 years unless the spouse can file a waiver to prove extenuating hardship. The clincher–undocumented immigrants cannot vote in the political process, work or drive legally, but they must file their tax returns and oh, they are eligible to hold credit cards, obtain home loans and open businesses since those acts are helpful to the capitalist economy.

The state of our state is pitiful.

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