Immigrant Rights are Workers' Rights

MAY 1 2008 – Protests and rallies are underway in several dozen countries around the world to celebrate May Day, also known as International Labor Day. See some pictures from around the globe here.

Our parents are fundamentally workers–migrating to this country in search for better jobs, better pay and a better way of life. Migrant workers and undocumented students are not criminals–we have done nothing to merit ICE raids and imprisonment in detention centers. As U.S. Attorney Christie said earlier in the week "Illegal residency is an administrative matter"–not a criminal one. Lets stop treating undocumented migrants as criminals, undocumented students like a privileged lot, and depoliticize immigration.

As part of the actions carried out in the Bay Area California, what I am particularly proud of are the many themes covered under the banner of Migrant Rights–calls to end the war against Iraq (DASW) and ICE raids, labor rights, amnesty for all undocumented workers, cries against budget cuts to education and I came wearing my pink triangle. The migrant rights movement is showing less tunnel vision than most other movements. An all-encompassing portrait of pressing matters that builds coalition is important for the movement to gain numbers and support. It lends credence to the corny and old adage–"unity in diversity."

After all, our goal should be to build bridges, not boundaries.

In Solidarity,


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