Last Resort – Private Bill to Stop Students' Deportation

Last year, Monica and her cousin, Jose, both seniors at a high school in Dallas, were picked up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Both of them represent the wasted talent and lost investment that America is willing to export in the form of migrant bodies.

Monica has been in the United States since she was five years old, maintained excellent grades and stayed out of trouble. Her only alleged transgression is that her parents brought her to this country without proper documentation. After living and growing up American in this country for thirteen years, Monica faces deportation to a place and culture foreign to her. At this time, her deportation hearing has been delayed for another month.

Another DREAM Act beneficiary, Jose faced his final hearing at the Immigration Court in Dallas hoping to stay his deportation, fully supported by the Central Dallas Ministries, which "committed to stand with him, pay for his higher education and support him in every other way as he completed college." The federal prosecutor did not want to exercise administrative discretion and Jose was given a "voluntary departure" judgment that must be fulfilled within 120 days.

The person working on behalf of Jose, Monica and Jesse to stop the deportation writes:


For years, as a community, we have invested in their growth, education and productivity. Now that they are at the very beginning of adulthood, enrolled in college and eager to learn and to serve, we as a nation cast them out. Sorry, but I cannot see the sense or the logic in this action.

At this time, Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson is working on a private bill for the 3 students. You can keep track of these stories courtesy Larry James Urban Daily (Type Monica in the search box for latest posts).

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