'Sanctuary City' label meaningless in event of ICE raids

One day after the May Day rallies calling for an end to raids that divide our families, communities, shut down businesses and hurt the economy–ICE is at it again, targeting the part of the country most liberal about undocumented workers. It’s devastating to wake up to this, knowing the raids are so ‘targeted’ that one particular group of people are more susceptible to fall prey to the system than another.

WORKING is not a crime. And I am tired of all the ‘enforcing our laws and legal behavior’ jargon. Please, if we are enforcing laws, the first thing I want to see is all former and current American presidents on trial at the Hague for gross human rights violations during war. I want to see the current President impeached for starting an illegal war, detaining and torturing people against international law, along with 750 other domestic laws– it’s called “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Hey, after all, ILLEGAL is ILLEGAL.

Oh, and all those people whining about undocumented migrant workers taking their jobs, I want you to fill out applications for the El Balazo–As you can see the place is closed down because it literally does not have workers. C’mon, go and get your job! And make sure you make a mean burrito since people are in the Bay Area are particular about their burritos.

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