Two women get jailed and deported for kissing in public

Dubai: Two women who were standing trial for kissing and cuddling on a public beach have been sentenced to one a month prison term followed by deportation.

The women, a 30-year-old Lebanese visitor and 36-year-old Bulgarian employee, had pleaded not guilty to kissing, cuddling and sleeping on each other like a married couple before the Dubai Court of Misdemeanour.

The Public Prosecution charged the girls with kissing, groping each other and indecently gesturing in public.

Initial interrogations revealed that the two women were spotted being intimate together on a public beach between Sharjah and Dubai.

Witnesses claimed that they saw the Lebanese woman sleeping over the Bulgarian and the two were cuddling.

I don’t want to hear from cultural relativists or any spirited defense of the regression of some cultures. Love is a universal emotion; there is nothing ‘relative’ about it. I am glad I wasn’t brought up anywhere near South Asia or the Middle East.

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