ALIPAC stands for "Anti Latino Immigration"

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William Gheen, the President of (not to be mistaken for claims that his site is not a hate group and not anti-immigrant; they are in fact, pro-legal immigration and anti-(illegal)-immigration, and 1 out of 5 members belong to a minority ethnic group. He was incredibly upset by a Charlotte Observer article a few days ago that called him an immigrant-scapegoating bigot, after highlighting his rhetoric:

We have a destructive human tsunami headed our way,” said William Gheen of Americans for Legal Immigration, a political action committee based in Raleigh that pushes anti-immigrant legislation. “N.C. lawmakers must act now to protect American jobs, tax resources and lives. Our state must … batten down the hatches immediately.”

I decided to give him and the benefit of doubt and check out their discussion forum to see their discourse and what kind of actions they advocate against “illegal immigration.” The following is what I uncovered in a couple hours:

DreamActivist :: ALIPAC stands for “Anti Latino Immigrants”
1. William Gheen stating that placing a bounty on the heads of “illegal aliens” is a humorous idea. Pintobean – “…So, put a bounty on the head of every single illegal alien in this nation, and let the red necks and their shotguns go to work…you can bet in a year this place would be DEVOID of illegal aliens, and the price tag WELL WORTH IT. “Humorous idea Pinto, but I don’t think the American public would be happy with a bounty driven illegal alien hunt. Besides, US citizens do not have the ability to determine legal status…W” See here 2. After defending himself against the Charlotte Observer article and proclaiming he is not a racist, Gheen adamantly stated in reference to a post about an upper-class Mexican-American community (most of whom are legal):


See here. It seems as if even legal immigration is colonization for Gheen and his ALIPACers if that migration is from Mexico (and other Latin countries). 3. William Gheen purported that due to expanding ethnic minority groups, the White race was facing extinction, a popular statement among neo-Nazi groups. See here. FYI – Hitler used this as one of his arguments against the Jews and it is a sentiment shared widely by neo-Nazi groups today such as StormFront,, Oh, it gets worse. We go from fear-mongering over the extinction of white people to hating ethnic celebrations like Cinco de Mayo. What does this have to be with being against “illegal immigration?” 4. Expressing hatred against ethnic minority celebrations like Cinco de Mayo. See here.

Koobster – “I dont celebrate Chinco, di, mayonais” AmericanPatriot – “I don’t even know what or when Cinco Demayo is and I don’t want to know.” AE – In our house we call it “Stinko-de-mayo”. mdillion1172: “…these “new immigrants” want to celebrate everyday…in fact we seem to celbrate all kinds of minorities all the time…. no wonder the white middle class is faced with eventual extinction”

Uh-oh, we were right back to the extinction of white people due to a day of ethnic celebrations. The ignorance, cultural insensitivity and intolerance was shocking. Time to get out of here. 5. ALIPACers advocating segregated schools for children who speak Spanish and disparaging Latino leadership. I quickly took one last look through the forum for latest posts. It turns out that today (as in June 7), the ALIPACers were very upset about this news article “Services Sought for Growing Latino population.” Again, the news has no connection with “illegal immigration” or breaking the “rule of law” and yet, these were the comments who can see here:

Since Hipanics think they are TOO SPECIAL TO ASSIMILATE, let them build their own Spanish schools. – butterbean

Since they don’t want to assimilate here, they should just go home. – Usa-born

I say we go back to segregation…separate the non-English speaking foreigners from the American schools…and let them fund and support their own schools! – AmericanbornThis is what makes me madder than a wet hen!!! Who gives a rat’s behind about LATINO LEADERSHIP!!! American leadership is, or should be, the only thing that counts in AMERICA! … Go back to Mexico or Central America if you want to be LATINO LEADERS! God know they NEED leadership!!! Just get the (bleep) out of my country…all of you…LaRaza, LULAC, MALDEF, MeCHa, and all 48 Mexican Consulates! – AmericanMe

They have issues with the teaching of Spanish in schools and some even purport returning to an era of school segregation. The discourse reflected on this page is not just anti-‘illegal’-immigration, it is directed against Latinos, bi-lingualism, diversity, and multi-culturalism.

With a preponderance of evidence gathered in just a few hours, it was crystal clear to me that ALIPAC is a hate-group ranging from subtle and disguised discourses of anti-Latino racism to outright neo-Nazi statements from their members and even the founder. Do you need more evidence?

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