I know why I usually avoid Gay Pride

So after 6 years of absence, I finally decided to volunteer and attend the SF Pride Parade this past weekend. The massive crowds of people, congested public transportation, slew of litter and waste, corporate presence and the loud blaring music just had me fighting a headache by the time I got back home at night. Pride is fun if you want to give a jolt to a regressive relative–just take them to see the trans dancing, dykes on bikes, or the naked men running around.

Jokes aside, somehow, I think the essence of gay pride has been lost to the mammoth corporate advertising and sponsorship–SF Gay pride seems more keen on promoting consumerism than actual LGBT PRIDE. It is no longer about a ‘protest’ of discrimination and violence against homosexuals. I don’t want to support a commercialized ‘gay’ identity but ‘gayness’ is seemingly cool when linked with consumer culture i.e. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Project Runaway etc.

That said, gay pride is a wonderful spectacle; a spectacle that fills the city coffers more than any other event in the year.

Will I go next year? Yeah, probably.

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