Michel Foucault – References and Works

It’s officially 24 years since the death of great French social critic, Michel Foucault (yea yea, my favorite). Anyway, the following is a list of Foucault books and resources that I have been able to locate on the internet and referencing here for educational, non-commercial purposes.

While he died in 1984 of HIV (yes, he was gay), his contributions to our ‘disciplines’ are numerous. His lecture series from the College of France is also quite insightful. I am waiting for a good deal on the latest one “Security, Territory and Population.”

Year Original French English Translation
1997 1976–1977 Il faut défendre la société Society Must Be Defended
1999 1974–1975 Les anormaux Abnormal
2001 1981–1982 L’Herméneutique du sujet The Hermeneutics of the Subject
2003 1973–1974 Le pouvoir psychiatrique Psychiatric Power
2004 1977–1978 Sécurité, territoire, population Security, Territory, Population
2004 1978–1979 Naissance de la biopolitique The Birth of Biopolitics
Forthcoming 1970–1971 La Volonté de Savoir The Will to Knowledge
Forthcoming 1971–1972 Theories et Institutions Penales Theories of Punishment
Forthcoming 1972–1973 La Société Punitive The Punitive Society
Forthcoming 1979–1980 Du gouvernement des vivants The Government of Man
Forthcoming 1980–1981 Subjectivite et Vérité Subjectivity and Truth
2008 1982–1983 Le Gouvernement de soi et des autres The Government of Self and Others
Forthcoming 1983–1984 Le Courage de la Vérité The Courage of Truth

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