Argh, the past two days have been nightmarish. I had a massive virus/trojan attack on my relatively new PC yesterday and have been working on getting rid of the unwanted programs. It is completely draining. First, Windows wouldn’t load normally so I had to try fixing it in safe mode. That took most of my day as I installed new anti-spyware programs and McAfee started failing. I finally had to run HijackThis and other registry editors to find the problems.

Now I may be competent with computers but I am no expert. So while I got rid of all the viruses and trojans, I must have also done something to prevent major drivers from running. Now the programs were not starting from their shortcuts, regedit was not even available, the computer was telling me that rundll32.exe was not found, even though it was there. Seems like it was going through a major file associations problem.

Now I have loaded the original Vista CD to perform a system repair. There is no way I am about to reload Windows–that would be the easy way out and I have too much data on this computer to backup.

Pffft. I think I prefer butting heads with xenophobes and homophobes.

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