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Alright, so I am trying to understand this song called “Mann Tu Talbat” which is in Hindi, English and Arabic. I am having trouble with the Arabic part. Some say “Mann tu Talbat” means “I want you” whereas others say it denotes a double meaning or confusion like “I want you but I don’t want you too” ?? I usually detest translating language to understand it because you really cannot outside the cultural context in which is exists. Anyone who speaks Hindi (or a non-Latin language) knows what that means — there are some words and meanings that just do not translate over into English.


My buddy from UAE has kindly offered some translation. Thank you Sam!

Wainik inti  —Where Are you
Wainik inti  —Where Are you
ye noor al Aaien — Oh light of my eyes
Wainik inti  —Where are you
Ta’aali hayati  —Come here my Life
Ta’aali Aayouni —Come here my Eyes (like the one for whom his eye searches…or like the one his eyes are on..or even light of his eyes..justa  different word this time)
Ya Mafi Galbi — Oh the one without a heart (He’s saying this is a sense of “dont u love me? dont u have a heart?”)
habbikiiii – My Love

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  1. Talab means ‘craving’, ‘desire’ or ‘want’ in Arabic/Urdu. But talab is generally used in terms of habitual craving or addiction like cigarettes or alcohol. So, the best translation of “Man tu Talbat” and “Tu Man Talbat” in English could be, I crave for you, you crave for me. ‘Man’ being ‘i’ and ‘Tu’ meaning ‘you’. Yet since addiction is thought to be something which you want, yet isn’t good for you, hence the metaphorical confusion. Cheers! 🙂

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