Step Backwards – USCIS closes offices in Tijuana

On one hand, the ICE and concerned Americans are pressing for a crackdown on “illegal immigration” and on the other hand, USCIS is making legal migration from Mexico much tougher by permanently closing offices in Tijuana. Obviously, this move is contradictory to resolving the problem of “illegal immigration” into the United States.

The Sun reports:

The office has provided a location for foreign nationals, especially citizens of Mexico, to begin the immigration process to the United States by obtaining needed information and materials. Americans in our area who are assisting relatives who want to immigrate to our nation or get necessary documentation have also used the Tijuana office.

Mexican citizens and even Americans making use of the office in Tijuana would be further discouraged from pursuing legal avenues of migration. USCIS is already plagued with inefficient paper bureaucracy, lack of communication and inadequate services–closing down offices is not the solution to resolving immigration issues with our neighbor and major trading partner. With a strong borderlands culture and connection to the United States, Tijuana serves as a major source of migrant workers into the United States. Instead of closing offices, more services should be provided to ensure legal channels of immigration.

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