The Sexist Politics of Online Censorship

Youtube has a strict policy of banning boobs or nipple show (unless we are talking educational material like self-examination – Actually on that note I am even going to defend the educational value of love scenes but not here). Getting to the point, someone please explain to me why showing L-O-V-E scenes with boobs (or even just sex for the sake of sex) is censored on the most popular video site but watching and listening to ignorance, bigotry, violence and hate speech online is not? What is ultimately more harmful to society? Kids seeing natural things like mammary glands or a twisted view of the world through this, this and this? I am just tired of the amount of times the L word community has had to remove or edit out certain portions of sex scenes to upload them — mind you, the scenes are done in good taste and I don’t remember anything vulgar about them. I simply don’t understand why it is acceptable to show your midriff or thighs but not other parts of your body. And then we have the double standard in society that men can walk around topless while women cannot. Explain.

On a good note, while prostitution is not legal, sites like Craigslist are not liable for postings that offer prostitution services. Heck, even child prostitutes are selling themselves on Craigslist but the Courts have ruled (and RIGHTLY in the case of file-swapping especially) that a medium of exchange is not liable for the views or materials exchanged on that medium.

Maybe I stand on an extremely liberal position on issues when it comes to sexuality — I cannot stand any sort of repression of human sexuality (unless we are talking about some issues involving minors). But I really do believe that our priorities are screwed up.

On a final note, here, here and here are some videos that show nipples during sex scenes that Youtube has not taken down YET, so enjoy while you can.

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