Are Your Hospital Emergency Rooms Full of Illegal Aliens?

Fox News would like you to think so as would The Examiner and countless other anti-migrant sites that we won’t bother mentioning here.

Alas, a new study by the Public Policy Institute of California proclaims,

Medi-Cal patients are more likely than uninsured or privately insured Californians to visit hospital emergency departments for conditions that could be treated in a clinic or doctor’s office.

And (drumroll, please)

immigrants are not crowding the state’s emergency rooms – in fact, foreign-born Californians who are not U.S. citizens are among the least likely to seek treatment in the ER.

Whites More Likely to Seek Emergency Room Care than Hispanics or Asians

Oh no, according to this data, home-grown and foreign-born ‘Whites’ use more emergency room care than any other group while minority non-citizens (including those ILLEGAL ALIENS), are indeed less likely to end up in the emergency department.

The study can be found here.


See this study by the University of California’s School of Public Health from last November that also concludes that “illegal immigrants” are not burdens to health care.

The researchers said illegal Mexican immigrants had 1.6 fewer visits to doctors over the course of a year than people born in the country to Mexican immigrants. Other undocumented Latinos had 2.1 fewer physician visits than their U.S.-born counterparts, they said.

The 2006 IPC study is another mythbuster:

per capita health care expenditures were 55 percent lower for immigrants than for natives in 1998. On average, immigrants received about $1,139 in health care, compared with $2,546 for native-born residents. Although all immigrants are eligible for emergency medical services, they had lower expenditures for emergency room visits, doctor’s office visits, outpatient hospital visits, inpatient hospital visits, and prescription drugs.

So where are the ranting blog posts and diatribes about Medi-cal patients taking away your healthcare and using your tax dollars?

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