Attn: Activists – Tools for (WordPress) Bloggers

As I am updating the website and adding more features, I decided to list some handy plugins that you may want to use on your own blog. Most are wordpress specific but some do support other platforms. If anyone has anything else to add to the list, please do comment.

Platinum SEO pack


  • Broken Links – Tells you about broken links so you can go back to fix them.


Wall – Like facebook, WordPress now has a “wall” where friends and visitors can post comments and shoutouts. Get it!

Social Bookmarking

  • Auto Social Poster – Automatically bookmarks your posts to sites like delicious. One-time input of username/password needed.


WP-O-Matic – This one should be a premium plugin. You get to automatically “borrow” and make posts from feeds — No work on your part! I shall run an experiment on a test site with this one.

Auto-Tagger – Since we are moving away from categories towards tags or some of us use both (moi), this one should make tagging easier.


Still waiting on adsense to deliver? I have recently noticed some pocket $ sitting in my Paypal account. Turns out it is revenue from a Text-Links-Ad service that I had installed and forgotten about since it is not even bothersome. No minimum payouts and loose change on the side.

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