Day 3 – Breaking the Fast

This morning I woke up completely weak and feeling faint. I suppose going to the gym and continuing to work is not a brilliant idea while fasting. Unfortunately, I have to break my fast tonight since I cannot afford to miss another tennis class (already missed 3 due to exams)!

As a result of this experience, I have renewed admiration for political leaders and activists that have used fasting as a means to achieve their goals.

So we had some nativist hate spam. Check this one out:

Fast til you die. Who cares. Not sure what your not eating really proves. So you don’t eat. Then what. The rest of us are supposed to take notice of you and your “cause” because you stupidly chose not to put food in your mouth? fail to see what this proves of resolves. Are your really helping anything or anyone by not eating? Let me answer…NO. Find a REAL solution…….help people that actually respect and abide by the laws of the land!

Performative contradiction anyone? I might also suggest spell check…

I want to see the Minutemen and other nativists fasting for their cause but my wish may go unfulfilled in this lifetime. So what is their REAL solution? Rounding up 12 million undocumented immigrants, putting them in detention centers and deporting them? Yes, I wonder how the economy will handle that net loss of productivity and spending. On this note, Richard Delgado, a law professor at Seattle University, has stated that the recent ICE raids and crackdowns have contributed to the soaring costs of basic food items. It may be a case of correlation does not equal causation error but does merit further investigation.

I hope more people–bloggers, activists, students–can fast at least a day to show their solidarity and support with the Encampment in Los Angeles.

Here are some videos from the actual camp:

Day 1

Day 3

If you are on facebook, consider joining the group and spreading word:

Please sign the Pledge today. Be 1 of 1,000,000 to vote and take action for immigrant rights. (english) (spanish) (organizers)

You can also send supportive messages and media:


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