Good Work by the Nativist Hate-O-Sphere

A letter to the ICE to raid the Encampment in LA is followed by a list of organizations and individuals that support the Encampment.

To the nativists, please do find and list more future pro-migrant sites for everyone to see, as well as other great propaganda you come across.

As usual, the nativist rambling has no substance, some usual capitalization of the phrase ‘ILLEGAL ALIEN’ and loads of spelling and grammatical errors.

On the same blog, I saw this sign:

What? Hypocritical much? Maybe they got the signs the wrong way i.e. ‘End Tolerance. Begin Bigotry?’ It would better suit their anti-immigrant sentiments.

Here are some helpful resources for the nativists since they were so kind to give us some links to allies:

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