The Last Season of the L Word But L is for Longevity not Last

This weekend at the L5 Convention, Jennifer Beals and Laurel Holloman announced that they would really like to see an L Word movie and we could bring it to fruition by flooding Amy Baer at CBS films with emails. Well, trust the loyal fans to have taken it upon themselves to launch this.

I would have cared less before but I am hoping that this one would be called “The L Word – The Wedding” as a homage to defeating Prop 8 whether it takes a couple months or couple years. How does everyone else like this idea?

What will cable and premium television be like ‘life after L?’ We have LOGO — Our very own LGBT programming channel that is unfortunately available only on a more expensive subscription package. As for cable television, the producer of Desperate Housewives has finally had some freedom to rein in ‘gay couples’ and (straight) LGBT icon Gale Harold as a lead on his show. That seems to be going well. LGBT characters are getting more prevalent with shows like Degrassi, Brothers and Sisters, Battlestar Galactica, though the women are de-sexualized while the men are hyper-sexualized (that might be different for Will and Grace where the gay men were devoid of sexuality).

The future of unapologetic gay-programming still seems quite bright with premium networks like Showtime that orginally launced Queer As Folk and own the L word franchise. Next up, we have a gay super-hero series called Hero for Showtime. While it has been a secret desire of mine to see Jennifer Beals in tights as Batwoman (who is a lesbian) and that might get fulfilled in some fan-fic, this one should serve the ones missing Queer As Folk action on our television.

And Leisha Hailey — our own renaissance woman — is getting her own L word spin-off show post L-word.

Follow these links for gay and lesbian entertainment news.

Why do I care about LGBT representation on the idiot box? It’s absolutely important for young LGBT adolsecents and adults to have positive representations of themselves in the media while they grow up in a homophobic and heterosexual world. It truly makes a difference in terms of self-worth and actually has redeeming educational value at times — Take it from me.

People can vote away our civil rights and liberties but how would they stop the queering–the increased presence of LGBT characters and programming–on American television that serves as an avenue to legitimate the existence of LGBT life?

We are here to stay.

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