Moron of the Week: Kingdom of Heaven

Comic relief time my pro-migrant, pro-queer comrades!

This amicus curie brief a MUST-READ for when you are down, depressed or taking a shit (though it is not worth printing out so take the laptop with you…)

Some great quotes:

“In order to fill the earth with human physical bodies, God ordered each and all marriages to be between a one man and one woman. Indirectly, god prohibits gay and lesbian marriage. Through Genesis 1: 26-27, God also orders that all children must be born from natural conception and prohibits all abortion.”

No, I am serious. Half the brief is about abortions, unborn children and the devil.

“If gays and lesbians do not change their sexual behavior to natural ways that the Almighty Eternal Creator created between one man and one woman, they will lose their eternal life.”

Parts of the bible are under-lined and attached to the brief as ‘supplemental documents’ for the next 35 pages.

Isn’t it amazing how the Eternal Almighty Creator has to appeal to the human-made Court?

I propose that God come to the hearing in March to argue for Prop. 8. If God doesn’t show up, than Prop. 8 is null and void.

Anyone else wondering why we are not suing for Prop. 8 based on FREEDOM FROM RELIGION?

Someone tell the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ and other comedy writers to please keep filing amicus briefs such as these for the next 2 months.

The other ones are on exercising ‘judicial restraint’ and preserving the ‘will of the people’ so not as entertaining.

The Pacific Justice Institute
Center for Constitutional Jurisprudence
Steven Meiers
American Center for Law and Justice

Maybe I should file a brief considering some of the briefs are not even worthy of being ‘legal matter.’

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