Moron of the Week – Professor Gerald Uelmen

A new feature that fits my personality quite well.

(George W. Bush, Sarah Palin and other Dan-Quayle type personalities are thoroughly exempt or else they would be on this list every week)

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The crown goes to Santa Clara University Professor Gerald Uelmen (a criminal lawyer by specialization) for standing in California Supreme Court justices and arguing that if the court overturned Prop 8, they should admit that outlawing same-sex marriage discrimination on May 15, 2008 was also an improper revision of the Constitution.

Even non-law school students would be able to tell Uelmen that the courts held discrimination based on “sexual orientation” to strict scrutiny standards and invalidated Prop. 22 on grounds that limiting marriage to a man and woman served no compelling straight state interest and furthermore, violated equal protection. How is that an ‘improper revision’ of the Constitution? It is a READING of the Constitution.

He also believed the week before the election that Prop 8 would nullify existing marriages contrary to what other state officials like Jerry Brown have repeatedly asserted: Prop 8 is NOT retroactive.

Justice Werdegar simply ignored the comment at the forum. Future Santa Clara law school standards ignore it at the risk of a substandard education if Professor Uelmen is a true representation of the faculty.

Close runner-up only because we have grown accustomed to hearing ridiculous things from the religious establishment.

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