Only in America – Convicted Felon Senator Ted Stevens Winning Re-Election

…whilst two people in love are denied the right to marry in California, Florida and Arizona.

…whilst affirmative action is overturned in Nebraska

84-year old Senator Ted Stevens from Alaska—the longest serving Republican in the Senate—was found guilty of seven felony counts less than two weeks ago but is still leading in his bid for re-election by less than 400 votes.

His future depends on some 40,000 absentee ballots yet to be counted in Alaska.

Senator Stevens refused to back down despite calls from both Barack Obama and John McCain. He still considers himself above the law, gets to keep his pension and vote for himself, and will become the first convicted felon to serve in the Senate if re-elected.

Lets get this one ‘straight’ (no pun intended). A convicted felon can serve in the United States Senate, but same-sex couples are constitutionally ineligible to marry in 29 states across America (California, Florida and Arizona were added to the list of 26 last night). Is something wrong with this picture?

This is not the America I envisioned and I dearly hope that this is not Barack Obama’s America.

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