This Gay Marriage (Proposition 8) Ban Better Not Pass


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I am adamantly set against the idea of marriage. And the idea of my community co-opting the heteronormative institution of marriage and effectively saving it from ‘dying out,’ is a bit irritating. Let the straight people of the world have their desecrated, abused and patriarchal ‘union.’ I don’t want any part of it — I don’t need the heterosexual idea of ‘marriage’ to have a ‘perfect union.’ That’s where I stand on the issue.

THAT does not mean I don’t favor the right of my brothers and sisters to belong to the institution. And it deepens me sadly that people don’t understand the difference between having their opinions and beliefs, and voting to preserve the rights of someone else. This is what it is really about — no matter how you feel about marriage, VOTE AGAINST DISCRIMINATION and BIGOTRY. Vote NO on Proposition 8.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, the ban on marriage is winning.

But the same-sex marriage ban is winning among people who are voting early or by mail. That means it will likely pass unless there is a strong Election Day turnout of “No” voters — a fact that places the proposition’s fate in the hands of supporters of Barack Obama, who tend to oppose the measure, said Mark DiCamillo, director of the Field Poll.

Early field polls suggest we are in for a tough fight. Barack Obama needs to come out in opposition of the ban but has failed to do so — African American voters, his supporters by large numbers, are voting for the ban. That is another problem. WE spend our time getting previously disenfranchised voters to start voting again and the first thing they do is go out to vote and strip away our rights?

What I REALLY want to know is why the cast of The L word is campaigning for Barack Obama in battleground states like Philadelphia, and NOT holding organizing events against Prop 8 in California knowing that the vote will be close. Hello? What would be a better show of support than these women?
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Someone care to pose this question to IC, JB, Rose Rollins and co.? If the ban passes, I wonder if any of them might even think that they could have done more here in California.

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