Video Commentary: LGBT reactions to Barack Obama and Prop 8 in San Francisco

“I believe all communities need to be held accountable for their homophobia and transphobia. I want to acknowledge the suffering and hardship that the passage of Proposition 8 has caused for LGBT couples and families. But, while the media casts blame on communities of color for the failure of civil rights for LGBT people, it is imperative that we struggle against the logic that tells us that struggles for LGBT civil rights and racial justice are separate, and that we examine our strategies for advancing LGBT civil rights and gay marriage and, in particular, look at places where LGBT communities have failed to align our struggles for civil rights with ongoing struggles for racial justice.” – Adele

Read the blog here.

This is a great video and I am sure the first of many on documenting the abomination that is Prop 8 with the election of Barack Obama and the mixed reactions from the LGBT community on these two historic events.

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