Yes on 8 Endorsements Disappear – Can We Say B-O-Y-C-O-T-T?

prop h8 boycott

The ‘Yes on 8’ website that proudly hosted a list of endorsements prior to the elections has taken down the list and replaced it with some arbitrary numbers.

Can we say fear of boycott in exchange for their repulsive bigotry?

A partial list is still available here

A better list yet is for the big donors to the ‘Yes on 8’ campaign. See this Dishonor Roll (Courtesy:

If you go here and type in your ‘city’ (anywhere in the United States) — you can see the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ donors or search via the entire list of contributions to the ‘ProtectMarriage’ Campaign.

The economic boycott has not even started on a full scale and people are already pleading for forgiveness or putting forth arguments as to why they should be spared:

Manager of Famed LA Restaurant Regrets Prop 8 Donation

Repercussions Hit Sacramento – California Musical Theater

Sundance reacts to calls for boycott

Marriott States that it Did not Contribute to Prop. 8

I suppose bigots change only when their pocketbooks or reputations are affected.

I do agree it is ridiculous to go after Sundance or boycott Utah only because it is the bastion of Mormon regression. We should not target members of a particular sect, faith or social group like we have been targeted. What is protesting outside a church going to achieve besides more divisions and hatred?

Forget attacking Sundance and vandalizing Mormon Churches. The best way yet to deal with the LDS Church comes from Equality Utah, asking the LDS church to support 5 ‘gay rights’ bills in Utah since the Church had officially stated it had no objections to civil unions or gay partner benefits. So far, the LDS Church has not responded to the request — Anyone surprised?

An economic boycott of the proponents of ‘Yes’ makes more sense as does withholding taxes from the state of California in the footsteps of Melissa Etheridge (no matter what the consequences), and a petition drive at the many rallies across the state to collect signatures for the 2010 elections to overturn this hideous ban.

In many ways, this feels like a witch-hunt and makes me uncomfortable. In other ways, since we are only doing an ‘economic boycott’ and not burning people on stake–and I have to remind myself that these are people who provided money and/or endorsed a Constitutional amendment that took away basic civil rights from a particular group of people–I am not about to advocate doing nothing. Bottomline – You can be homophobic, heterosexist, subscribe to the most extremist faith and intolerant of all LGBTQ people, but keep your beliefs and ideas away from our constitutional rights.

The ‘Yes on 8’ started this witch-hunt in October by threatening businesses with a letter that if they did not withdraw support from the ‘NO on 8’ campaign, they would be vilified as against ‘traditional marriages.’ Needless to say, most businesses were more than happy to be pro-civil rights-for-all. It makes me wonder now whether the anti-civil rights are scared and shame-faced given the intensity of backlash– they have effectively fueled the LGBTQ civil rights movement.

I am not ashamed of outing and boycotting businesses that give money to campaigns against civil rights. Are you?

I will forgive and forget once the abomination is repealed from our Constitution.

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