Marking World Aids Day with a Repeal on Travel Restrictions

Strictly from an immigration standpoint, around 67 countries deny the entry, stay and residence of HIV-positive people because of their HIV+ status only. That is discriminatory and deplorable. Read more here.

President Bush has recently signed the Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) that repeals the ban but it remains in place till the HHS issues new authorizations.

At the same time, Britain is deporting HIV patients, many countries lack the funds to fight HIV, while the atrocious global gag rule that prevents women from getting adequate reproductive care, remains in place.

Coming back to my own understanding of HIV / AIDS, while I don’t personally know anyone who suffers from this illness, I know some who have succumbed to it. Moreover, I am appalled at the way the lesbian segment of the LGBT community takes the issue lightly — to date, there has never been any sort of protection shown on major shows portraying lesbian sex.

In regards to desi culture, HIV/AIDs is still a taboo subject, much like homosexuality.
My Brother Nikhil is one of the few Indian movies that address the issue of being a gay male with HIV and a must-watch.

Another is Phir Milenge

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