Endorsements from this Queer Promigrant Blogger

I have sent in endorsements for the following ideas for change in America. The Top 10 get sent to President on Jan 16 — Please register and vote at

I am actually quite excited about the new media activism and groups that have come forth and are using online tools to organize. When this is over, it would be great to sit down and evaluate where to go from here.

1. Pass Marriage Equality

2. Free Single-Payer Healthcare

3. Get FISA Right, Repeal the Patriot Act and restore our Civil Liberties

4. End the War on Drugs

5. End Corporate Personhood

6. Make the Grid Green

7. IMMIGRATION – Pass the DREAM Act and Same-Sex Immigration Reform and immigration relief for families.

And I may send in some more later as a ‘Desi Agenda’ for DesiPundit and DesiCritics, not that my endorsement means much. But hopefully, other blogger friends are encouraged to send in their endorsements too.

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