Morons of the Week: Pramod Mutalik and the Shri Ram Sena ('The Indian Taliban')

President Obama, please don’t close Gitmo! We may have found the perfect candidates for that place.


Someone find me the Hindu scripture that says women should be molested and assaulted brutally for drinking or visiting a pub. Jayanth Kodkani of Times of India is right on mark with his analysis of the attacks as less to do with religion or a defense of Indian culture and more to do with a lumpenization of politics:

The arguments put forth by the leaders of the Mangalore attack show that the new agenda is lumpenisation — of assaulting urban youth on the pretext of upholding a self-designed code of “Indianism”. That such socially-regressive thought infringes on cultural freedom is not their concern at all. Ironical, indeed too, that the recruits of these “strike forces” are young men in their early twenties.

(Courtesy: Times of India)

These useless ‘Hindu’ zealots are now out on bail without repent and promising to wreck more terror on the women in Mangalore, while everyone with some political stake in the issue is trying to milk it for their cause–The BJP is back-tracking and distancing itself from its Hindu nationalist elements while the Congress party is trying to pin this on the BJP given that Karnataka is a BJP-run state where these fools run rampant. Whatever the outcome, the victims of these deplorable attacks and other acts of terrorism by the hoodlum Shri Ram Sena, must receive justice.

A vast majority of India is secular and obviously outraged by the attacks while students have taken to the streets. Before India takes action and points to terrorists in other countries, maybe it should root out the terrorists living and residing within its borders.

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